Monday, October 02, 2006

Manna 1 Bakery

Finally, a new post. We always want to take pics of the food we come across, but we're always halfway done with the food before we remember. This time, the camera was sitting out. So, this post will be about my favorite bakery in Chinatown. Manna 1 Bakery. I've pretty much tried every bakery in Chinatown, and this stands out to be the best by far. It's a little hole in the wall on Katherine St. It's the second store on your left as you pass Henry St. Tell them Evan sent you. Tho, they won't know what that means........ Anyway, these are our favorite items. First, there is the ham and egg bun. YUM! Usually gone before noon. They're a hot item. Then, there are the curry beef corner and egg white egg tart. The egg white egg tart is just like the regular egg tarts, but softer. And, hopefully healthier! :) Again, all these yummy snacks are best the earlier you get them. They're made fresh each morning. If you go early enough, they're still warm. And, in the background, the drinks. One is iced coffee and the other is iced lemon honey water. Both are quite good. This bakery is not the strongest for their drinks, but they're still quite good. Another item that I'd recommend is the roast pork bun. The best in Chinatown. Try all of their items. Live a little. :) They're an overall great bakery. No seating. BUT, if the day is nice enough, you can walk a few blocks down to the water. There you'll be eating by the water and have views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges reaching in Brooklyn. It's really quite the amazing view. Just avoid the bums. But, that goes without saying. But, if you find yourself a nice little spot, it would make for a nice little picnic..... sort of. :) Or, just take the yummy grub home with you. Anyway, just try it. You won't be sorry.

Food: Best bakery in Chinatown
Recommended: Ham and egg bun, roast pork bun, curry pastry, everything
Price: Soooo cheap!
Environment: Hectic and cramped.
Service: Hectic and efficient

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