Sunday, October 22, 2006

Yummy Station

Yep, that's its name. Yummy Station. And, it is quite yummy. It's located on Canal where the East Broadway "F" stop is. This is one of my favorite breakfast places. It also helps that it is very convenient. Its located right next to the "F" train on E. Broadway about two blocks away from my place. This is a interesting place to me because it tries different dishes that you may not see at other places in Chinatown. Nothing fancy, but just simple cheap yummy dishes. Plus, it has some things that I've looked for ever since I've visited Hong Kong. Just about a year or so back, it was hard for me to find a place that had good drinks and good food. It was one or the other. But, this place has a good selection of drinks and good selection of food. What's pictured here is a few items that I like to get for breakfast. One thing that I get all the time is the ham(or spam) and egg sandwich. I wish they made it with the thick bread they do in HK, but I guess you can't have it all. But, I love it and haven't gotten tired of it yet. The noodle item on the right is steamed noodles with sauce. YUM!! I recommend that you eat this at the restaurant if you can. The noodles on the left are Soy Sauce Chow Mein. This one was not the best that I've had. But, not horrible. And, of course, in the back you have the iced coffee and tea mix. They do a great coffee and tea mix. This place has its strong items and some weaker items. But, overall a great place for a quick cheap bite. Oh, and don't expect table service. You order at the counter and they'll call you to pick up your order. It's small place, don't be lazy. :)

Yummy cheaply made food.
Recommended: Iced coffee/coffee tea mix, ham/spam and egg sandwich, steam noodle with sauce, and black pepper chicken.
Price: On the cheaper side of Chinatown.
Environment: simple/basic.....clean for Chinatown
Service: No table service, but friendly counter service.

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