Thursday, July 06, 2006


Tenzan-upper west side. Columbus between 73rd and 74th. June introed me to this place. Pictured here is the Crunchy Maki. Its three rolls. Spicey tuna, spicey salmon, and spicey crab. And, the tempura mixed in makes the "crunchy". I have pretty simple taste when it comes to Japanese food. My favorite being Salmon. And, I like crunchy. :) So, this is the perfect dish for me. Plus, they have fried ice cream! Nice! Its ice cream tempura! Those are the sure deals of a good dinner. But, I think they are pretty good in general. I haven't had anything I don't like there. But, do go a little earlier or you will wait for a seat. Go for an early dinner around 6:30.

Food: Overall yummy Japanese food
Recommended: Krunchy Maki and fried ice cream
Price: Average leaning towards the cheaper side for Japanese food.
Environment: Nice bamboo textures.
Service: Very nice.

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