Sunday, October 15, 2006


This is Coluck. Located in what I've come to know as "the tunnel". It's a walkway between Elizabeth St. and Bowery. A tunnel. One of my favorite breakfast/lunch places. Fast and yummy! Depending on when you go, you may run into a packed house or a empty dining room. But, you will be seated quickly. I prefer the booths on the side. The service is fast and the food comes even faster. It's not fine dining, but it has the same outcome. Satisfaction in that dreamy kind of way. :) It's another overall yummy foods restaurant. They have a large menu of foods you may not find everywhere in Chinatown. And, they have new items posted on the walls and on newly printed paper menus at the front. In the picture below you see some breakfast items. They have a nice small serving of congee. You really don't need more than this. There are many consistancies to where you can cook congee. This is my favorite. It's basically cooking it to where you can't tell that it was once rice. My favorite is minced meet congee. Next to the bowl of congee are fried stuffed crullers. YUM!! The first time I tried these I was stunned by how I hadn't thought of this mixture before. So simply made with ingredients that I grew up with, yet soooo good! I like to dip it in my congee. But, also very good on its own. AND, behind the two dishes, there is the coffee/tea mix. This is my favorite place for iced coffee and iced coffee/tea mix. They also have a really good cold honey lemon water. So, if you're looking for a fast yummy place to grub down and be on your way, this is your place.

Food: Overall good to yummy!
Recommended: Iced coffee, fried stuffed crullers, congee, and kimchi spam fried rice
Price: Cheap eats, even for Chinatown
Environment: Clean.... for Chinatown
Service: Very fast and efficient.

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