Tuesday, October 10, 2006


When it rains it pours. This will my second post in two days. So, this is Goodies. A overall good restaurant. But, they're known for their steam soup dumplings. They have three types. I know they have crab and pork. I think the third is fish. I recommend the pork. Be very careful how you eat these dumplings. If you're not careful, you may squirt hot soup into your mouth. Not fun. But, do it right, and its quite the delightful taste. Some would say that Joe Shanghai has a better dumpling. It depends on your taste. If you like a bit of a thicker skin on your dumplings like I do, Goodies is the place for you. Other dishes that are shown here are the Chicken Rice Cakes. It's a thick noodly type dish. My favorite in Chinatown, so far. And, the other is Turnip Cakes or pastries. I know, doesn't sound very tasty. I didn't think so either. But, they are. Quite tasty indeed. Again, try this place. Its a overall yummy food place.

Food: Overall yummy.
Recommended: Pork soup dumplings.
Price: Average for Chinatown, which is cheap eats.
Environment: In the middle. Not the cleanest and not the dirtiest.....for Chinatown.
Service: Decent

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