Saturday, April 28, 2007


Here's a little place in Forest Hills, Queens. A little Japanese place. We were very hesitant on trying this place. We thought "how could a little place like this have good sushi?". But, after some time and craving for Japanese, we gave it a shot. To our great surprise, we loved it. And, you know that great feeling when you get when you get the check in Chinatown? Yep, you get that here. My favorite is the salmon sushi. They've got a pretty good version. It's no fatty salmon fresh from the fish markets of Japan at 7 in the AM, but its as good as any I've had in the city. It's as good as a Chinese owned Japanese restaurant can get. Yup, Chinese owned. But, they still deliver on the tasty. We've only started going there regularly not too long ago, so we're just starting to explore the many deals this place has to offer. But, if you're a fan of salmon, definitely take advantage of the dollar salmon sushi. And, we've been very pleased by this one dish we've tried recently. Panther. Yep, cheesy name, but seriously tasty. They have a large list of rolls that they've conjured up. Experimental and wacky at time, but totally worth the exploration. And, my girlfriend and I have been on this kick of checking out the fried ice cream where ever it is offered. This place, by far, has the best deal. Pictured below is the serving they give. Two balls of tempura ice cream. They offer three flavors. Vanilla, red bean, and green tea. All are very good. It may seem cheaper in quality than those that you may find in the city, but its a fraction of the price($2.50 versus the $6.50 you'd find in the city). And, it may even be store bought, who cares? As long as its good, right? And, that it is. So, if you're in the Forest Hills area and crave some Japanese cuisine at a great price, check it out. Enjoy! Above is a dish with four pieces salmon sushi, one spicey tuna roll, and the panther roll. And, this is the tempura ice cream they offer. YUM!

Food: As good as any other I've had in NYC.
Recommended: Salmon sushi, panther roll, and the tempura ice cream.
Price: Best I've come across around NYC.
Environment: Japanese done in a Chinese style.
Service: Friendly waitresses.