Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hill Country BBQ

This post is for Hill Country BBQ on 26th St. in Manhattan. My wife and I made our way over there one afternoon for my birthday. We decided to go for a late lunch/really early dinner at about 3. If you can do this, I highly recommend it. This place is usually packed. But, going at off hours gives you choice seating and no lines at all. Wonderful. The atmosphere is quite nice. Large, well ACed, nicely decorated, clean, etc. Good stuff.

Their menu seems to be more limited than other BBQ joints I've been to. But, what they have seems to be done well. We had the BBQ sampler for two. It's pictured below. Brisket, 2 giant beef ribs, 2 pork ribs, some chicken, and two nice sized sides. Everything was very tasty and messy. Just as BBQ should be. This place is rated the best BBQ in Manhattan. It's pretty damn good. Not sure if its the best in my opinion, but it sure is up there. Pictured above is the sweet tea. I love sweet tea at BBQ places. My favorite in the city is still Virgils. But, this one runs a very close second. BUT, there are no free refills. Which makes Virgils sweet tea with free refills that much sweeter. But, this one is still a nice sized serving. All in all, this place is definitely worth trying. They do give you a lot of food for your money. And, its tasty food. So, if you like BBQ style eatin, I would recommend this place.

Food: Nice servings and very tasty
Recommended: I've only been here once and all we had was good. But, I highly recommend the midday meal between lunch and dinner. So much more relaxing.
Price: It cost us about $50 each. That was a pile of meat, two teas, one alcoholic drink, and desert. I think you get your money's worth. And, we had tons of left over.
Environment: Large and comfortable.
Service: It begins like a cafeteria where you order your own food and take it to your table, then there is table service for drinks and whatever else is needed.

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